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Steiff dolls from the 80's and 90's

From 1987 until the mid 90's, Steiff made lovely dolls with human wigs, cloth body and delightful faces.

These dolls are not new but came from private collections. Their condition is described as good as possible.

Steiff Ulla

Steiff Ulla

Steiff Ulla, 50cm.

Ulla is from the 1987 collection and she is from a smoke-free collection. Ulla has reddish hair, green eyes and freckles. Ulla is originally dressed and has her pin and tag.  

Steiff B en B

Steiff Bernd and Betina

Steiff Bernd and Betina, 42cm.

Bernd and Betina are from the 1987 collection. They are from a smoke-free collection and sold only as set.

Both have blond hair (human wig) and blue eyes. They have their tag. Berds hat had suffered from the time, it is a bit yellow. Otherwise they are in perfect condition.


Steiff EAN 703218 Mary and her lamb

Steiff EAN 703218 Mary and her lamb, 50cm.

Mary and her Lamb are from a smoke-free privat collection. She has blond hair, blue eyes and has her lamb. Mary is originally dressed but the elastics of the clothing are getting loose. She has a tiny mark on her right cheek. She has her pin and her tag.