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Käthe Kruse Toni and Marie Kruse

Käthe Kruse Toni and Marie Kruse, happy friends.

Toni has a body out of vinyl and is able to stand alone. Toni has a lot of hair to comb, wash and style. Toni is 37cm tall and the recommended age is 3 years and older.


The Toni doll in her undies is called Marie Kruse. Your friend to dress your own doll.

She has pre-sewn patterns to cut out and style with glitter and glamour. The clothing patterns are suitable for the age of 6. Marie Berlin is the blonde girl, Marie Paris is the dark haired girl and Marie London the redhead.  


Toni and Marie are retired dolls.


DIY sets for Marie Kruse.

Käthe Kruse Do it Yourself sets small

Käthe Kruse
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Käthe Kruse Do it Yourself sets large

Käthe Kruse
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