Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune, 39cm. Soft and friendly playmates.

The Child of Fortune are the ideal playmates for kindergarten kids. These dolls are easy to dress and undress with their mix of soft body and vinyl arms and legs. They are a faithful companion for the child all day long and they encourage the development of social skills.


The Child of Fortune is 15.5 in. tall. The body is made out of cotton fabric and filled with polyester cotton and granulate material. The eyes are hand painted and the head, arms and legs are made from high quality vinyl. The clothing size is 15.5 to 16 in.


The wig, made out of Kanekalon, can be styled, washed and then air-dried at room temperature.


The Child of Fortune of 2010 and older have a full cotton fabric body.




For children from 36 months.


2015 kk gluckskind gr diane

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune Diane

2015 kk gluckskind gr luna

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune Luna

2015 kk gluckskind gr vicky

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune Vicky

2015 kk gluckskind gr katharina

Käthe Kruse Child of Fortune Katharina

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