2019 Steiff EAN 674846 Getafix

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2019 Steiff EAN 674846 Getafix, 38cm.

Limited edition of 750 pieces.



made of finest mohair           



3-way jointed (arms and head)         

surface washable       

with embroidered eyes          

limited edition of 750 pieces

with gold-plated "Button in Ear"     

38 cm, item no. 674846


Box and certificate

Collectors item only, not a toy.



Getafix is not available in Germany, UK and Ireland. In a village like that of Asterix, where people are all kids at heart who think only of lazing around, feasting or fighting, there was an obvious need for a father figure. This role quite naturally falls to Getafix, the venerable druid of the village, fountain of knowledge, as well as creator and keeper of the secret magic potion making him the star of all the yearly gatherings of druids in the forest of Carnutes.