Charlie Bears
EAN: SJ5640145

2017 Charlie Bears Billy Goats and Gruff

2017 Charlie Bears Billy Goats and Gruff, 42cm/37cm/29cm/26cm. 17"/15"/12"/10".

Limited edition of 200 (Only as set)

verkocht / sold

Billy Goats and Gruff are made from sumptious mohair and alpaca and the goats have amazing sculpted horns, low set ears, a hand-stitched nose and vivid blue eyes. The goats names are as follows:-


BEARDY - Soft creams

BLEAT - Woodland browns and cream

TRIP TRAP - Creamy beige


The troll is called GRUFF and the tones of his thick multi-coloured brown fur are complimented by the dark fur on his paws and feet.  He has an oversized hand-stitched nose,huge amber eyes and two tiny teeth that peek out from his mouth.


He wears an autumnal coloured tunic, that looks like layered leaves. This amazing set is not to be missed and will be highly collectable, especially at the limitation is so low, at only 200 worldwide!!


Billy Goats and Gruff are fully jointed goats and troll from the Charlie Bears 2017 Isabelle Collection.


Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Billy Goats & Gruff comes in a special presentation box. (2 in each box)


This is a collectors item and not suitable for under 14 years of age.

Surface wash with care.