Sasha en Gregor Trendon production.

Here you find our stock of older Trendon Sasha Dolls.

In 1965 the Trendon factory in Stockport England started with the Sasha Dolls production.

The dolls for sale are older collectors items. Their condition is described as good as possible. If you need more information, please email at:



Sasha Dolls Trendon

115S Sasha Tunic

115S Sasha Tunic. About 1985.

Produced: 1985 -1986

Sasha Tunic, originally dressed, no box. She has her tag. Displayed condition.


Sasha is mint except for her right hand. There she has a black dirt spot. Probably got it in the showcase where she had been for the last 15 years.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

#1 Sasha Anniversary

#1 Sasha Anniversary 1985

Made 1985

Anniversary is the replica of the first Sasha from 1965. This one is in very good condition, with tag, no box, no leaflet.


Her only fault is a small yellow spot at the inside of her left hand. The shop were she was sold in 1985 put the price sticker there and that was not removed by the owner over all this years. Now it left a small yellow spot. She also has the shiny touch on her nose from the cellophane of the box.


She is from a smoke free collection.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

115s Sasha Tunic

115s Sasha Tunic, 1985

Made: 1985 -1986

Sasha Tunic from a smoke free collection has spend most of her time in a cabinet. Her blouse got yellow strains and 2 brown spots at the back of her sleeve. She has her tag, no box.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

111 Sasha Brunette Red Pinafore

111 Sasha Brunette Red Pinafore, 1984

Made: 1980-1986


Sasha Red Pinafore, MIB. Very good condition.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

112 Sasha Sweater

112 Sasha Sweater, +/- 1982

Made: 1982-1986


Sasha Sweater, mint condition. She has been displayed in a glass cabinet (smoke free house). Label got loose and is tied on her wrist.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
107 e oud

107 Sasha Gingham

107 Sasha Gingham, +/- 1972 - 1973

Made: 1968-1986

Sasha Gingham with grey leg stringing. She is wearing her tag. She is in very good condition. Her stringing is getting a bit loose but she can stand on her own.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

107 Sasha Gingham

107 Sasha Gingham, ong. 1983

Produced: 1968 - 1986

A slightly played with Sasha Gingham with very blue eyes. Her dress has some yellow spots and her shoes also have marks from age.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

114s Sasha School

114s Sasha School, +/- 1984

Made: 1983-1986

verkocht / sold

Sasha School MIB, very good condition.
Sasha Dolls Trendon
112 a

112 Sasha Sweater

112 Sasha Sweater +/- 1983

Made: 1982-1986


Sasha Sweater MIB. She got new stringing.