steiff pendant

NEW IN 2018 Steiff Classic Collection

Lovely items for the adult collector.

In 2019 more lovely items will be part of the Classic Collection from Steiff.

These animals and teddy's are for adult collectors only, no toys for children under 12 years.


steiff ean 034381 pendant little bear

Steiff EAN 034381 Little Teddy bear pendant

steiffean 034350 pendant little elephant

Steiff EAN 034350 Little Elephant pendant

steiff ean 034657 pendant susanna teddy bear

Steiff EAN 034657 Susanna Teddy Bear pendant

steiff ean 040375 pendant mingo flamingo

Steiff EAN 040375 Mingo Flamingo Pendant

steiff ean 033568 fawn

Steiff EAN 033568 Wild life giftbox Fawn

steiff ean 033001 squirrel

Steiff EAN 033001 Wildlife giftbox Squirrel

steiff ean 026799 tokyo teddy bear

Steiff EAN 026799 Great Escapes Tokyo Teddy Bear

steiff ean 026904-munich-teddy-bear

Steiff EAN 026904 Great Escapes München Teddy bear

steiff ean 026911 edinburgh-teddy-bear

Steiff EAN 026911 Great Escapes Edinburgh Teddy bear

steiff ean 026737 korinna cat vintage memories

Steiff EAN 026737 Vintage Memories Korinna kitten

steiff ean 026744 silke swan

Steiff EAN 026744 Vintage Memories Silke Zwaan

steiff item 026683 husky

Steiff 026683 Wildlife Giftbox husky

steiff item 026690 polarbear

Steiff 026690 Wildlife Giftbox polar bear

steiff item 039782 samantha

Steiff 039782 Samantha Teddy bear Pendant