2016 Steiff Replica's en Limited editions


2016 Steiff EAN 683220 Fright Night Friends

2016 Steiff EAN 683220 Fright Night Friends, 30cm.

Limited edition of 1000 pieces for USA only.

uitverkocht / sold out

Is it possible to be scary and friendly at the same time? Absolutely - especially when it comes to this sweet-as-Halloween candy pair! We’re pleased to present Steiff’s brand new “Fright Night Friends,” a special limited edition produced exclusively for North America. Teddy is five-way jointed and made from russet colored mohair. His tan paw pads are made from tan felt. Teddy has a black hand embroidered nose and mouth, and midnight-black colored eyes, which are highlighted with a touch of black airbrushing. The “Friend for Life” who sits on his shoulder is none other than Steiff’s famous black mohair “Scary Cat,” a beloved pattern with its origins in the Steiff catalog as early as 1903. It is hard to resist her green and black slit pupil eyes, light pink hand embroidered facial details, and charming whiskers. The fun of Halloween can last all year with this perfect pair!


Collectors item, not a toy.


2016 Steiff EAN 354625 Daffy Duck

2016 Steiff EAN 354625 Daffy Duck, 35cm.

Limited edition of 2000 pieces

LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

This is the first time Steiff makes a Daffy Duck.

He first appeared in 1937 in the movie "Porky`s Duck Hunt".

Steiff Daffy is 35 cm in size and made out of black mohair. He has embroidered eyes. He will be released worldwide in a limited edition of 2,000 pieces with the gold-plated "Button inEar".

Daffy Duck is part of the Looney Tunes - the quintessential evergreen entertainment brand whose classic characters’ boisterous and outrageous personalities have attracted fans for decades. He has appeared in over 120 animation episodes. Daffy Duck is definitely a bona fide „star”. His appearance and frenetic, unpredictable personality made him immediately recognizable and a favorite with audiences around the world.



Collectors edition, not intended as toy.


2016 Steiff EAN 674464 Asterix

2016 Steiff EAN 674464 Asterix, 28cm.

Lim ed. 1000 stuks (Europa excl. Dld, UK en Ierland)

Steiff Asterix EAN 674464


Asterix is a shrewd, cunning little warrior, all perilous missions are immediately entrusted to him. Asterix has made off with Caesar's laurel crown, won a gold metal at the Olympic Games (without the benefit of the magic potion,if you please!) and completed with honours the 12 tasks as decreed by Caesar one day when he was foolish enough to risk a bet with our incorrigible Gauls. Thanks to our hero, the Britons discovered tea and the Belgians were inspired to make French fries! As for the Asterix comic book series with 36 different adventures, it has been the sensation of the publishing world for over 55 years while the character Asterix has become a mythical figure. René Goscinny explained that his hero's name, with its initial «A», was a clear advantage with regard to alphabetic classification in any future comic book encyclopaedia, but did he ever imagine that his tiny Gaul would also change comic book history? After the great success of Dogmatix, Asterix will appear in autumn 2016. He will then form part two of the trio of probably the best-known figures from the globally successful comic strip. His faithful friend Obelix will follow in 2017.


Steiff Idefix - Dogmatix EAN 674167 comes with a certificate and box.


Asterix® Obelix® / ©2016 Les Editions Albert René / Goscinny - Uderzo



2016 Steiff EAN 354632 Speedy Gonzales

2016 Steiff EAN 354632 Speedy Gonzales, 20cm.

Limited edition of 2.000 pieces.

Arriba, Arriba, Andale, Andale, Eh-Hah! Speedy Gonzales is snelste muis van Mexico en de kampioen onder de bedreigde muizen. Hij beschermt de anderen als ze achtervolgd worden door Sylvester en Daffy Duck.

Hij kwam voor het eerst op het scherm in 1953. Heeft in 47 korte tekenfilms gespeeld en maakt deel uit van de Loony Tunes.


Hij is gemaakt uit bruin mohair met vilten kleding en een rode sjaal. Hij heeft geborduurde ogen en neus. Zijn kop is beweegbaar. De buitenzijde is afwasbaar en hij komt met een goudkleurige knop in het oor.


Collectors item, geen speelgoed.