steiff ean 099342 mizzy kat

Steiff Cosy Pets and Farm Animals

A lovely collection of pets and farm animals.

You will find your favorite Pet in this Steiff collection.
steiff ean 099243 princess persian cat

Steiff EAN 099243 Princess Persian Cat

steiff ean 099212 pharao cat

Steiff EAN 099212 Pharao Cat

steiff ean 099311 cindy cat

Steiff EAN 099311 Cindy Kat in zakje

steiff ean 099663 lucky cat

Steiff EAN 099663 Lucky cat

steiff ean 099304 cindy cat

Steiff EAN 099304 Cindy Kat in zakje

steiff cosy ean 270154 leo katze

Steiff EAN 270154 Leo Cat

steiff ean 099342 mizzy kat

Steiff EAN 099342 Mizzy Cat

steiff ean 084027 lizzy kitten

Steiff EAN 084027 Lizzy Kitten red

steiff ean 084010 minka kitten

Steiff EAN 084010 Minka Kitten grey

steiff ean 109232-magnetic-cat

Steiff EAN 109232 Magnetic Cat head

steiff ean 084430-paws-cat

Steiff EAN 084430 Denim Darlings Paws Cat

steiff ean 099335 kitty cat standing

Steiff EAN 099335 Kitty cat

steiff ean 099274 whiskers cat

Steiff EAN 099274 Soft Cuddly Friends Whiskers Cat

steiff ean 099281 whiskers cat

Steiff EAN 099281 Soft Cuddly Friends Whiskers Cat

steiff ean 080777 caramel dog

Steiff EAN 080777 Soft Cuddly Friends Caramel Dog

steiff ean 083631 taffy dog

Steiff EAN 083631 Soft Cuddly Friends Taffy dog

steiff ean 083648 taffy dog

Steiff EAN Steiff EAN 083648 Soft Cuddly Friends Taffy Dog

steiff ean 077043 kelly dog

Steiff EAN 077043 Kelly hond in zakje

steiff ean 077050 kelly dog

Steiff EAN 077050 Kelly Hond in zakje

steiff ean 079856 matti dog

Steiff EAN 079856 Matty Dog

steiff ean 076947 andor golden retriever

Steiff EAN 076947 Andor Golden Retriever

steiff ean 280375 lumpi golden retriever

Steiff EAN 280375 Golden Retiever pup Lumpi

Steiff Cosy 280252 Luca Labrador Pup

steiff ean 281105 floppy lumpi 22

Steiff EAN 281105 Floppy Lumpi Golden Retriever