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Sasha, Gregor en Baby 2nd Götz productie

From 1995 up to 2001 Sasha was manufactured again at the Götz plant in Germany.


Here you find our collection of Sasha, Gregor and Baby current in stock.

We often have some clothing sets as well.

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Götz Sasha Michael and Alice set

Götz Sasha Michael and Alice set.

Alice is from 1999

Michael is from 2000


Set of 2 Götz dolls from the later Götz collection. Both in new condition. Shoes and socks are there but will be delivered in the bag to avoid risk of strains on their feet. Both have their tags, booklets and both have a Sasha Doll Tube.


Only available as a set.  

Sasha Dolls Götz

40217 Götz baby Felix

40217 Götz baby Felix, 2000


Baby Felix from Götz has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is complete with tags an tube.