2015 kk plancherle hanna

Käthe Kruse Plancherle Bathbaby

Planscherle is the bath baby from the Käthe Kruse Collection.

Planscherle is the Käthe Kruse bath baby. Children can learn the use of water and can take it to the sea. The bath baby is easy to dress because of her joints.  Recommended age: 18 months for the babies with painted hair and 36 months for the babies with kanekalon hair.


There is also a nice collection of extra outfits available.








badbaby claire gezicht

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Claire

kk plancherle lynn 69  (2)_000

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Lynn

2015 kk plancherle dela

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Dela

2015 kk plancherle hanna

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Hanna

2015 kk plancherle tim

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Tim

kathe kruse plancherle mona

Käthe Kruse Planscherle Mona

kk plancherle nettie (2)

Käthe Kruse Plancherle Netty

2015 kk kleding 0136516

Käthe Kruse Set Mia

2015 kk kl plancherle badjas slippers

Käthe Kruse bathrobe with flip flops

2015 kk kl plancherle hanna

Käthe Kruse set Hanna

2015 kk kl plancherle pyjama

Käthe Kruse set Pyjama

kk kleding badb chrissie

Käthe Kruse set Chrissie

kathe kruse outfit mini bambina mint overall

Käthe Kruse Set overall mint

kathe kruse outfit plancherle shirt shorts

Käthe Kruse set Summer

kathe kruse outfit plancherle slaap blauw

Käthe Kruse Set Bedtime Blue

kathe kruse outfit plancherle slaap roze

Käthe Kruse Set Bedtime Pink