Sasha Gregor Engelse productie


Vanaf 1968 kreeg Sasha gezelschap van Gregor.

Sasha kreeg in 1968 gezelschap van Gregor. Blond, donker en roodharig. In 1972 kwam de donkere jongenspop Caleb.

De Gregor poppen die op het moment op voorraad zijn, kunt u hieronder vinden.

Het gaat om verzamelpoppen, de poppen en hun conditie zijn zo goed mogelijk omschreven.


Sasha Dolls Trendon

303 Sasha Gregor Sport

303 Sasha Gregor Sport, ong. 1977

Produced: 1974-1978

Gregor Sport, no falling hair, not played with in very good condition. He is missing his ball and his clothing has some yellow strains. He comes from a non-smoking household.  

Sasha Dolls Trendon

314s Gregor School

314s Gregor School, 1984

Produced: 1983 - 1986

Gregor School MIB. The box is in a bad condition. Gregor has a little shiny spot on his nose from the lid of the box.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

304 Gregor Jumpsuit

304 Gregor Jumpsuit, ong. 1980

Produced: 1979 - 1982

Gregor Jumpsuit MIB. Tiny shiny spot on his nose and he has "bleeding" shoes.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit fair

304 Sasha Gregor Jumpsuit fair +/- 1980

Made: 1979-1982

Gregor Jumpsuit in very good condition. He has his tag. He only has a very tiny little red dot on his right cheek.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
gregor 304 dark

Sasha Gregor dark with jumpsuit

Sasha Gregor dark with jumpsuit +/- 1980
Gregor dark (no falling hair) is displayed condition with tag. Comes from a smoke free collection and is wearing the jumpsuit from a fair haired Gregor.
Sasha Dolls Trendon

303 Sasha Gregor Sport

303 Sasha Gregor Sport, +/- 1978

Made: 1974-1978

Gregor Sports, no bal, no falling hair in slightly played condition. Gregor has some surface dirt. Clothing is also in good condition.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
301 a

301 Gregor Jeans

301 Gregor Jeans, +/- 1980

Made: 1968 - 1986

Gregor Jeans, mint with tag. Very good condition. Only his sweater is discoloured. Hairs are good, not falling.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
waif gregor b

Sasha Gregor dark Waif

Sasha Gregor dark Waif, +/- 1980


Lovely Gregor Waif with hole in his foot. He is a display doll. Non falling hair and slightly played with.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

301 Gregor Jeans

301 Gregor Jeans, +/- 1979

Made: 1968 - 1986

Gregor Jeans from a smoke free collection has good and non-falling hair. He is unplayed and his pants will come seperate because it has lost its elastics completely. No tag, no box.

Sasha Dolls Trendon

312 Gregor Cord

312 Gregor Cord, 1983

Made: 1982-1986

Gregor Cord, in slightly played with condition. His cloting has suffered, the blue is faded and his shirt has red strains etc. The elastics of his shoes are loose.

Sasha Dolls Trendon
waif 180540

Gregor fair Waif with Tracksuit

Gregor fair Waif with Tracksuit, +/- 1981

uitverkocht / sold out

This Gregor Waif is wearing the Tracksuit (only, shoes, trousers and jacket). He has had a little accident which has left him 2 marks on his left hand. Overall is this doll in a very good condition. He is from a non smoking home.