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Käthe Kruse Lolle

Käthe Kruse Lolle, lovely dolls for years of friendship.

Lolle is the biggest girl of the Käthe Kruse Family. Lolle is 54cm. She has long washable hair and her body and limbs are soft. Her face is from vinyl.


Lolle is a playmate for kids from 3 years and older.


Käthe Kruse

Käthe Kruse Lolle Annabelle

Käthe Kruse Lolle Annabelle, 54cm.

verkocht / sold

Lolle is a real girl friend. She loves to laugh and to jump into water puddles. She invites to play. The soft, dangling body is made of cloth and especially cuddly. The head is made of high quality vinyl. Her face with the mischievous smile is hand painted and the long brown kanekalon hair can be combed and styled. Lolle Annabelle is dressed in green with flowers and she is wearing pink boots. Recommended for 3 years and older.



Käthe Kruse

Käthe Kruse dress set Lolle Pompon

Käthe Kruse dress set Lolle Pompon


Set Lolle Pompon:


-red shirt


-hair ribbon